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A little about me...

Norfolk Wedding Photographer

Hello! My name is Dave Blake... i'm not sure i've ever been a 'David'. I've grown up in rural Norfolk and I think deep-down I will always be a little bit of a 'bumpkin'. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have turned a passion into my career and I can honestly say there is nothing I would rather be doing. I am extremely critical of my own work (as all good photographers are) and as a result, I put everything into my photography... simply because I enjoy it and always want to improve.



If your question isn't answered, just get in touch.

How would you sum up your style?

In terms of what I like to capture… Love, laughter, spontaneity and all the in-betweens. It's got to be about the real stuff; the moments that you don’t always see and that definitely weren’t scripted. That’s what life boils down to in my opinion and those shots usually have the most ‘life’ in them! 

In terms of image aesthetics… I love a shallow depth of field. It just makes people and moments ‘pop’ out that little bit more. I also try to get a good natural-looking vibrancy to my images in post-production without going OTT with the saturation slider.

Do you still do group-shots and ‘staged' photos?

Of course! Theres always room for a group photo or two and it often acts as a good reminder of who was there on the day… I will also try to nip off with the Wedding Couple at least once during the day (ideally just before sunset) because those soulful and natural looking couple shots really matter in my opinion. 
With this said... it is worth considering that the more groups shots that are taken, the longer it takes to set them all up and consequently allows less time for all those little candid and real moments.

I usually suggest 5-6 different groups seems about right before cheeks ache and guests get bored!

Are there any additional costs?

Almost always no... A 20% deposit (deducted from total) secures the day as yours. Each package comes with all photos on a USB device, packaged up in a convenient and classy little wooden presentation box. 

The only additional costs there would be are for travel beyond 30miles from my location. Any distance outside of this circle is an additional £1 per mile. 

Whats your favourite kind of Wedding?

Without giving too much of a cop-out answer… there isn’t one! All I can say is, if the day is relaxed, happy and full of life i’m a happy lad. That’s where I get my kicks! 

If you had to 'risk it' for a biscuit, what kind of biscuit would you ‘risk it’ for?

Chocolate Hobnob all day long. Custard Creams are pretty solid though.

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